Practicing new arthroscopic techniques are, clockwise from above, Dr. Doug Haltom, Dr. Jason Hutchison, Dr. Harold Antwine III and Dr. Michael Cobb.

Surgeons learn new arthroscopic techniques for shoulder surgery

By Michael Cobb, M.D.

Several West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic physicians met with Smith & Nephew representatives at the Physicians Surgery Center to review new products and techniques related to arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Cadaver shoulders were used because no man-made shoulder model is able to duplicate the shoulder’s anatomy. Cadaver specimens also provide the arthroscopic surgeon the natural “feel” that it takes to improve and perfect his technique.

The procedures that were performed included arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, labral repair and reattaching the biceps tendon. This was done in a surgical setting complete with the same irrigation, anchors and monitors that are used in surgery.

  This was an example of how we at West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic are always striving to improve our technique and keep up with the latest products used in orthopedic surgery so that our patients benefit. Arthur Conan Doyle said, “Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last.” This is especially true for the practicing physician.