Young patient loved visits with Dr. Haltom

Shelby Smith and Dr. Doug Haltom

Shelby Smith, a 10-year-old from Bolivar, can be somewhat clumsy at times — and it almost ruined her summer, said her mother, Erin Smith.

Shelby was dancing for the fun of it in July when she stumbled and broke the growth plate in her foot. After X-rays, she was referred to the West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic where Dr. Doug Haltom treated the injury with a boot to help her
foot heal.

The timing wasn’t perfect, Smith said. “We had to go through the whole summer with no swimming, no nothing.”

But they made do by finding other ways to have fun, like visiting area attractions and looking for activities that didn’t require a lot of walking, Smith said.

They made regular trips to West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic during the course of the summer to check on Shelby’s progress and determine how long she needed the boot. Ultimately, she had to wear it for about two months.

Smith said her daughter, however, enjoyed the trips to the clinic to see Dr. Haltom. “She loved him to death. He was really good with her.”

Smith’s experience at the clinic as a parent also was good, she said. “I would recommend anybody to go there.”

Shortly after school began this fall, Shelby was able to lose the boot. Dr. Haltom recommended that she refrain from physical education classes for the first three weeks.

Now, she’s back to her old self, her mom said. “She’s tickled to be out of it. She’s doing great.”

Shelby’s father, Vance, entered her to win the basket. She was excited to learn that she had won.

“It was a big shock to her,” Erin Smith said.