Lukas Reynolds

Athlete takes the field after knee surgery

Lukas Reynolds is back on the gridiron after a season-ending injury forced the Henry County running back off the field during the playoffs in his sophomore year.

He rushed for 1,147 yards for the Patriots that season in 2015 and scored 17 touchdowns, earning Offensive Player of the Year honors with a highlight reel of game-changing runs. Once, in a mid-season game against Dickson County, he broke loose for a record-setting 305 yards.

But one night that November, he tore his ACL and ended his sophomore campaign in a game against Munford.

“I was running back to the left, I planted my left foot and I felt the pain shoot through,” Lukas said. “I ran to the sidelines, and my knee buckled.”

At first, he hoped it was a sprain. But two or three days later, he knew he needed to see a doctor. He grew up in Paris, and he knew West Tennessee Bone & Joint’s Dr. Blake Chandler because he played basketball with his son.

“We wanted to go to Dr. Chandler because we knew him,” Lukas said. “It was more personal.”

An MRI proved his left ACL was torn. Dr. Chandler performed surgery, and Lukas began a regimen of physical therapy. “It started feeling better and better.”

Today, he said he feels great. And he proved it in his junior season.

He rushed for 1,128 yards and 14 touchdowns, earning Offensive Player of the Year honors for a consecutive season. Lukas also helped his team reach the playoffs where the Patriots won their first game but ultimately fell to Liberty Magnet on that school’s march to the state championship.

Lukas, with a fully rehabbed knee, is looking forward to his senior year. And, he said, he wants to keep playing football after high school.

As for Dr. Chandler, Lukas said he had a great experience and would recommend him to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon.

“He’s a great doctor. You can trust him. He’s one of the best I know.”