Milan resident goes home same day after robotics-assisted knee replacement

James Dunavan’s friends were amazed at how quickly he recovered from his total knee replacement surgery. “Everybody was blown away,” said the 67-year-old Milan resident. “This whole thing has amazed me and a lot of other people.”

Dunavan benefited from a new robotics-assisted, knee replacement surgery being done by West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic’s orthopedic surgeons in Jackson. The new surgery has greater accuracy for the knee replacement during surgery and improved results.

Dunavan was able to walk on his right knee and go home the same day he had surgery. In less than a week, he no longer needed a walker to get around. “I didn’t have much pain at all,” he said, adding that he was pleased that Dr. W. Stan Ragon Jr., an orthopedic surgeon at West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic, performed his surgery at the Physicians Surgery Center.

West Tennessee Bone & Joint physicians in Jackson are using the NAVIO Surgical System for both partial and full knee replacement surgery at the Physicians Surgery Center and Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.