Allyn Swenson, wearing a brace on her knee, dribbles down the court after surgery.

Injured athlete returns to basketball after knee reconstruction surgery

Allyn Swenson dribbled the basketball past half court after a rebound and jumped to a stop to set up the offense.

A second later, her sophomore season with Huntingdon High School ended when a Bradford player failed to anticipate her move and collided with her from behind.

Allyn fell to the floor with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

“She went down immediately,” said Huntingdon High School Football Coach Eric Swenson, Allyn’s father. “We could see from courtside how bad it was.”

Suspecting a tear, Coach Swenson took his daughter from the gym to the house of his neighbor, Family Nurse Practitioner R. Clay Nolen. After looking at Allyn’s knee, Nolen recommended she see Dr. G. Blake Chandler, his colleague at West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic – Paris.

Allyn received an MRI the following day. Dr. Chandler, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, confirmed the tear. He surgically reconstructed her knee a short time later, and she began her road to recovery.

“Her recovery went smoothly,” Coach Swenson said. “She had no difficulties at all, and she was pain free 10 months later when she began playing again.”

Allyn’s knee injury was in February 2014. In her senior basketball season at Huntingdon High School, she’s playing like the injury never happened.

Working with Dr. Chandler, Clay Nolen and the staff at the Paris clinic was a good experience, Coach Swenson said. “They are really professional and personable people.”

The coach should know. Dr. Chandler performed surgery on both of his shoulders to repair his rotator cuffs before Allyn’s knee injury.