Dr. Eric Homberg with patient Patty Casey.

Interventional pain management helps patient after two surgeries

After two back surgeries, Patty Casey, who works part time as an assistant in University School of Jackson’s cafeteria, found herself with debilitating pain.

She sat down in her recliner at home, and she couldn’t move her legs. Her husband had to carry her to bed.
She went to West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic to see Dr. Eric Jon Homberg, a board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in the relatively new field of interventional pain management. He uses a multimodal and balanced approach to treating patients with the prescription of therapies, medications and minimally invasive procedures to help with recovery and pain management. He has pursued additional training in new and innovative procedures to provide patients with additional choices.

“I went in with a wheelchair, and he’s got me walking and working, and I feel good most days,” Casey said.

Dr. Homberg administered three or four nerve-block injections to manage her pain and prescribed pain medication, she said. She visits the clinic every two or three months for a checkup. “I am walking and enjoying life pain free.”

Dr. Homberg primarily treats patients with injection procedures aided by fluoroscopy — intermittent X-rays and ultrasound — to deliver medications to the source of the pain without impacting the rest of the body. He said a successful approach to pain management is a balanced regimen of physical therapy, procedures to manage pain, medications and surgery when appropriate.

Because a variety of pain management techniques are associated with interventional pain management, patients don’t have to rely as heavily on narcotics to bring their pain under control.

Casey had her first back surgery in 2011 and her second in 2012. She said she couldn’t get over the constant pain in her legs and back. At times, it was so severe that she couldn’t move.

But thanks to Dr. Homberg and interventional pain management, she said her quality of life has greatly improved.

“I feel good,” Casey said. “I am very thankful to have him as my doctor, and I highly recommend him and his services.”