Dr. Eric Homberg delivers a nerve block.

Physician helps patients with chronic pain regain their active lifestyles

Dr. Eric Jon Homberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in interventional pain management and helping patients regain an active lifestyle.

He uses a multimodal and balanced approach to treating patients with the prescription of therapies, medications and minimally invasive procedures to help with recovery and pain management. He has pursued additional training in new and innovative procedures to provide patients with more choices.

“Interventional pain management is a relatively new field of medicine,” Dr. Homberg said. “It was developed to help patients suffering from chronic pain who are not candidates for, or who do not wish to undertake, surgical correction.”

He primarily treats patients with injection procedures aided by fluoroscopy — intermittent X-rays and ultrasound — to deliver medications to the source of the pain without impacting the rest of the body. He said the method is not a replacement for surgery, but it is a middle ground for patients in search of options.

When treating patients, Dr. Homberg said he asks them about their goals for recovery before embarking on a clearly defined path of pain management. Many of his patients battling chronic pain are elderly.

“Very often, they want to be able to work in their rose garden or pick up their grandchild,” he said. “I like to make all our treatment efforts towards a specific goal of the patient.”

Because a variety of pain management techniques are associated with interventional pain management, patients don’t have to rely as heavily on narcotics to bring their pain under control, he said. Prescription drug abuse is a national epidemic, and Dr. Homberg said a successful approach to pain management is a balanced regimen of physical therapy, procedures to manage pain, medications and surgery when appropriate.

“We try to minimize the usage of opioid pain medications. We really strive to treat the patient without giving them another problem.”

Dr. Homberg has lived in Jackson for 13 years. He earned his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences in Memphis, which is also where he completed his residency. He is a member of the American Medical Association, American Society of Anesthesiology, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and American Academy of Pain Management.

Dedicated to keeping people active, Dr. Homberg is an advocate for patients who are desperate for understanding, encouragement and treatment to overcome the physical and mental challenges of chronic pain.

“Before entering the specialty of pain medicine, I didn’t appreciate the number of people who suffer with debilitating, chronic pain — especially the elderly population,” he said. “I’ve just been shocked with the prevalence of it.”