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Back Pain Elbow Surgery
Foot Surgery Hand Surgery
Hip Replacement Surgery Interventional Pain Management
Knee Replacement Surgery Joint Reconstruction & Replacement
Physical & Occupational Therapy & Sports Rehab Osteoporisis
Sports Medicine Shoulder Surgery

Ankle Surgery

Football player back on field
• Ankle, foot injuries most common for basketball

Arthritis Management

• Shoulder arthritis occurs as cartilage thins

Back Pain

• Spine surgery alleviates back pain
• Why Is My Back Hurting?

Elbow Surgery

• Avoid shoulder and elbow injuries with proper pitching mechanics
• Summer can be painful for elbows

Foot Surgery

• Ankle, foot injuries most common for basketball

Hand Surgery

• Office procedures for Dupuytren’s contracture
• Bone & Joint offers office-based hand surgery
• Specialized therapy speeds recovery of hand injuries
Hand surgeon Dr. Mike Dolan saves livelihoods
• Jammed finger injuries range from simple jams to dislocation, fractures
• Wide-Awake Surgery: Hand surgeon pioneers carpal tunnel surgery with numbing medicine rather than general anesthesia
• Despite severe osteoarthritis, patient stays active with help from West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic

Hip Replacement Surgery

A different approach to hip replacement
A patient’s guide to hip mobility, femoroacetabular impingement and hip arthroscopy
Hip arthroscopy treats more problems
Hip mobility and hip arthroscopy

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management helps patient after two surgeries
• Physician helps patients with chronic pain regain their active lifestyles
• Interventional pain management helps patients with chronic pain

Joint Reconstruction & Replacement

Slowed down by joint pain? Not all solutions lead to joint-replacement surgery

Knee Surgery

Milan resident goes home same day after robotics-assisted knee replacement
Physicians Surgery Center is first Tennessee ambulatory surgery center to have robotic orthopedic surgery
Flying high after knee surgery
Athlete takes the field after knee surgery
Injured athlete returns to basketball after knee reconstruction surgery
Dr. Hutchison accepted into clinical study
Patellofemoral pain: It’s commonly diagnosed, but what is it?
• Q & A on patellofemoral pain
Outpatient knee replacement surgery performed at Physicians Surgery Center
Patient says 'Thank you, Dr. Michael Cobb'
Knee replacement brings back mobility
• New knee surgery means faster recovery
• West TN Bone & Joint Clinic Physicians experienced in patient-matched, knee replacement surgery
Surgeon among first in nation to do customized knee replacement
Marathoner shatters knee; he’s back to running after surgery


Special clinic identifies patients at risk of breaking bones

Physical & Occupational Therapy & Sports Rehab

• Physical and Occupational Therapy offered at West Tennessee Bone & Joint
The McKenzie Method

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery helps firefighter alleviate pain
• Shoulder arthritis causes friction and pain
• Unstable shoulder causes problems
• Surgeons learn new arthroscopic techniques for shoulder surgery
• Avoid shoulder and elbow injuries with proper pitching mechanics
• Thawing a painful frozen shoulder
• Football: Shoulders take a big hit
• Shoulder surgery allowed athlete to return to strenuous CrossFit training
Shoulder surgery requires physical therapy, then surgery for Union instructor

Sports Medicine

Q & A on Stretching
• Muscle injuries sideline athletes
• Benefits of endurance sports outweigh risks
Broken arm can't stop athlete
• An interesting study on concussions
• Every injured athlete has one main goal: Returning to play his or her sport
Basketball injuries can sideline season
Youth baseball, softball injuries increasing as more play year round
• Ankle, foot injuries most common for basketball
• A New You! Getting in shape!
Overuse injuries caused by repetition
• Preventing heat illness and heat stroke
Muscle Cramps — Ouch!
Avoid shoulder and elbow injuries with proper pitching mechanics
• Take time to select a good bike, and get a proper fit as you start cycling
Use precaution to avoid cycling injuries
• Running, excellent exercise, has some injury risks
• Shin Splints: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
• Water: An essential part of any exercise, sport
• Football: Shoulders take a big hit
• ACL injuries more common with female athletes
• Is cheerleading the most dangerous high school and collegiate sport?
Soccer: The world’s football
• Brain concussions common in contact sports
• The science of the golf swing
• Summer can be painful for elbows
• Tips to prevent winter sports injuries
Burners and Stingers: What are they exactly?
Increased prevalence of MRSA infections among high school football players
Guidelines on healthy strength training for children and adolescents
• Preventing heat-related illness


West Tennessee Bone & Joint wins three 2017 Readers' Choice Awards
Understanding joint pain in colder weather
West Tennessee Bone & Joint, Surgery Center to expand on Stonebridge
Dr. Stan Ragon brings orthopedic care to Trenton
• Ladder injuries common, but also preventable
• Family Nurse Practitioner joins WTBJC
• 2016 Readers' Choice Award Winners
Paris clinic offers complete staff and services, including physical therapy
Dr. Kyle Stephens joins West TN Bone & Joint Clinic
Dr. Stan Ragon joins West TN Bone & Joint Clinic
Keeping You Active: A history of West Tennessee Bone & Joint
Nurse practitioner staffs Dyersburg clinic
• Wren joins West Tennessee Bone & Joint
Physician wins 2015 Jackson Sun Reader's Choice Award
Bone & Joint Specialists, PLLC, in Paris, joins West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic, PC
• West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic CEO named Administrator of the Year
Ultrasound useful for orthopedic patients